Pre-baby Vacations for Expecting Parents

Babymoons are designed for optimum pampering and luxury. These “last hurrah” trips for parents-to-be provide the perfect setting to relax and reconnect as a couple before entering (or re-entering) parenthood. Pre-baby vacations are one of the hottest trends in travel today, and with good reason. Moms and dads-to-be know that luxury vacations without sippy cups and bibs may be out of reach for a while, so they’re seizing the opportunity for one last romantic getaway.

We'll work with you to plan the perfect pre-delivery vacation. It's all about pampering, relaxing and dreaming of the soon-to-be addition to your family.

When To Babymoon

For most pregnant women, the second trimester is the most pleasant time to travel. By this time, the nausea of the first trimester is hopefully a distant memory and the discomfort of the third trimester is yet to come. According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the safest time for a pregnant woman to travel is between 18-24 weeks.

While the second trimester may be the optimum time to travel, that doesn’t mean you can’t travel during the rest of your pregnancy. Be sure to talk with your doctor before planning any trips, particularly if you choose to travel in the first and third trimesters as there may be more safety and comfort issues to consider during these times.

Where To Babymoon

Parents-to-be have unlimited options when it comes to planning a babymoon getaway. From tropical islands to scenic mountains to bustling cities, there is a pre-baby vacation package to fit every couple. Some couples are comfortable traveling to exotic locations during pregnancy while others choose to stay closer to home. The key is to choose a destination which appeals to both of you and will allow you to relax and enjoy your time together.

Consider the following when evaluating babymoon ideas and choosing your babymoon destination: